Regenera-Eliminating the carbon footprint

Through our association with REGENERA, Auqui supports reforestation and environmental conservation programs that help compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions generated by each trip. By traveling with us you help to fight climate change!

Nature Service Peru is a company that focuses on ecosystem management and natural resources. As a part of its services, the REGENERA program strives to neutralize the environmental footprint generated by tourism operations, by supporting concrete actions to restore Peru’s ecosystems.

With over 10 years of experience in this field, REGENERA provides know-how and international networking to prevent deforestation and land degradation in more than 100,000 hectares of natural areas in Peru, by means of carbon bond purchases that help compensate for the environmental footprint generated by business operations.

REGENERA helps its clients manage the risks and opportunities that arise from the use of natural resources, by working with partners, authorities, and users to protect and restore natural services that maintain biodiversity, mitigate climate change and control water resources.


Contact Info

US/CA 1-855-255-9055
CUS 51-84-261-517
LIM 51-1-641-9181
Address: Jose Gabriel Cosio 307 Street, Magisterio, Cusco. Cusco – Perú