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Experience a very special evening strolling through downtown Cusco and tasting the diversity of pisco, the fine distilled grape brandies that make up our national liqueur, going back over 400 years.

Led by a pisco specialist, you’ll discover the exquisite flavors, aromas and subtleties of several varieties of superb Peruvian pisco.

You’ll be able to taste, prepare cocktails and learn about the author’s mixology techniques, inspired by delicious ingredients of Andean, Spanish and Chinese origin.

Type of service: Private tour
Tour length: 1:30 to 2 hours
Location: Cusco city’s historic downtown
Type of activities: Nightlife and local cultural entertainment
Suggested for: Friends, couples, families (it is possible to arrange for these activities along with accompanying minors)
Best season: : All year-round. During rainy season (December to April) we suggest bringing along an umbrella or hiring transportation.


We begin in the traditional neighborhood of San Blas, where we’re welcomed at the bar of the Pachapapa (a restaurant inspired by the traditional cuisine of Cusco), the ideal place to start.  We’re welcomed by the specialist bartender, who will be guiding this experience and will accompany us along the entire tour.

Here we’ll learn much about world-renowned pisco, its history, its distillation, the varieties of Peruvian grapes, and we’ll taste three varieties of mosto verde, one of the finest varieties. In addition, we’ll prepare one of the author’s signature cocktails, a special combination that along with pisco includes a well-balanced infusion of coca leaves from Cusco’s Convención Valley.

After savoring the first cocktail, we’ll head over to our next destination: the Kion restaurant, where we’ll discover the Chinese influence in Peruvian culture and cuisine, as we enjoy another pisco cocktail made with an oriental touch.

To culminate the tour route, we arrive at the Calle del Medio (Middle Street) restaurant/bar, which also offers authentic Peruvian cuisine with innovative takes on classic Peruvian Creole dishes, and wonderful views of Cusco’s main square. There, we’ll enjoy another well-known pisco-based cocktail.

The tour ends here, but not the fun! Participants can choose to stay and continue to sample the best cocktails the city has to offer, along with a-la-carte options, or they can simply continue to explore Cusco’s nightlife.


Gad Caytuiro

“Whenever I’m asked about my passion, I’m filled by a feeling of restlessness, love and curiosity, going back to the years of my adolescence in which I discovered that my heartbeats are quickened by distilled and fermented spirits, and by drinks in general”.

With over 12 years of experience behind the bar, Gad is an expert in pisco and signature mixology. Gad was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. His passion for mixes and innovative drinks comes from his family, since his mother prepared the famous traditional macerates, or plant infusions (artisanal distillates based on sugar cane and local plants).

In his career, he has worked at the best, most exclusive bars, among them the Libertador Tambo del Inka Hotel, and since 2013 he has been the corporate bartender of the renowned Cusco Restaurants chain. He is known for his state-of-the-art cocktails, his awards, and for his participation as a jury member in numerous bartending competitions (most recently at J.W. Marriot’s Craft Cocktails). Experience the marvelous flavors and hues of Pisco and all its possibilities through the eyes of our specialist.

(*) In the case that the specialist’s schedule would make him unavailable, another highly qualified bartender will be assigned to the tour.


Prices are per person, for a minimum of 4 people. Does not include an Auqui surcharge.
Quantity Price
1 - 4 visitors 25.00 USD

Price per person

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Cusco city historical downtown (San Blas, Triunfo Street, Plaza de Armas main square)



  • Private tour in English or Spanish, guided by a professional bartender.
  • 3 tastings of Mosto Verde pisco.
  • 3 cocktails per participant (2 prepared by the participants themselves).
  • 2 small snacks at the Pachapapa and Kion restaurants.
  • 1 shared appetizer at Calle del Medio Restaurant.
  • We provide an apron to each participant for the tour (to be distributed at Pachapapa and returned at Kion).


Not included

  • Non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Additional orders, or a-la-carte dishes.
  • Transfers to your hotel or between restaurants (it is possible to arrange this for an additional cost. Consult directly with your executive agent for more information).
  • Activities or services not mention in the description.
  • Tips (optional).


• It’s important to wear shoes, boots or sandals with anti-slip soles. Footwear should be comfortable for walking.
• Between December and March, we suggest bringing an umbrella and rain jacket. From May to July, we recommend wearing warm clothing.
• Don’t forget to bring your camera to record the highlights.


In the case of having minors in the group, or people who refrain from drinking alcohol, non-alcoholic or “virgin” cocktails can be prepared by explicit request of the client, with at least 7 days prior notice.

The appetizers offered along the tour route are basic. If the client wishes for more snacks, they can request the menu and can order more, with extra charges depending on the chosen snacks.



The tour service can be provided in other languages, with cost depending on the requested language. Such changes are carried out by the client’s explicit request, with no less than 10 days prior notice.


Lucero Lozano

Experiences Designer and Product Developer


Información de contacto

USA/Canada: 1-855-255-9055
Cusco: 51-84-261-517 – Ext. 106
Lima: 51-1-641-9181
Email: [email protected]
Skype: [email protected]



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