Auqui and Andean Lodges: Sustainable Tourism on the Ausangate Route

At Auqui we believe in tourism as a means toward growth, development and the cultural preservation of the original native peoples of Cusco. As founding associates of Andean Lodges, we participate together with the communities of Chilca and Osefina in a project whose goal is to promote sustainable tourism, focused on preserving traditional knowledge and ways of life, and on strengthening work conditions for the local population.  

Andean Lodges offers travelers and hikers from around the world an unforgettable experience along the Route to Apu Ausangate (6,348 meters /20,945 ft. above sea level), the most important sacred mountain in Cusco, traversing ancient footpaths at above 4,800 m. a. s. l. -15,748 ft., surrounded by unique flora and fauna, and by spectacularly beautiful landscapes, lakes, and snowcapped peaks.


With each Andean Lodges program, we involve local community members in all our work activities, including llama herders, Andean weavers, and other highly trained people, guaranteeing them fair working conditions, and work opportunities that are in accord with their ancient knowledge and practices.

We invite you to visit to find out more about the project, and about our four beautiful eco-lodges and the options we offer you in high-mountain adventure sports. The Route to Ausangate awaits you!


Contact Info

US/CA 1-855-255-9055
CUS 51-84-261-517
LIM 51-1-641-9181
Address: Jose Gabriel Cosio 307 Street, Magisterio, Cusco. Cusco – Perú