Peru Brand

Only the most solid and trusted brands, businesses and personalities can represent a country brand. At Auqui, we are proud representatives of the PERU BRAND, offering you the security of traveling with a guaranteed company, and a pioneer in luxury trips to Machu Picchu and Peru.

A country brand seeks to reinforce and improve the image of a country, based on its natural and cultural richness. Each country constructs a “country image” by means of a symbol that identifies and differentiates it from the rest. Those that achieve a strong, cohesive and positive country brand will gain a competitive advantage that allows for greater impact at an international level.

The PERU BRAND is a solid commitment to the country, which endeavors to encourage national growth and development by sponsoring local goods and services on the global market, and by promoting exports, tourism, and investments in different economic sectors in our country.

In the case of Peru, our brand is represented symbolically by the red color of the flag. The “P” in spiral form alludes to the Nazca lines, one of the most internationally recognized graphic symbols.  


Contact Info

US/CA 1-855-255-9055
CUS 51-84-261-517
LIM 51-1-641-9181
Address: Jose Gabriel Cosio 307 Street, Magisterio, Cusco. Cusco – Perú