Discover your 7 advantages of traveling with AUQUI

By traveling with Auqui you can count on the expertise of specialists in luxury travel to Machu Picchu and to the most important destinations in Peru. We are two generations of Cusco tourism experts who deeply love our part of the world, and we are fully dedicated to offering you the highest quality services.

And these are some of the advantages we offer you:

    1. Special access. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury travel market, our alliances guarantee you exclusive access to select locations and activities. 

      Qorikancha ruins and convent Santo Domingo. Church of Santo Domingo, Coricancha, ruins of Incan Temple of the Sun. Cusco, Peru.

    2. Better value for your investment. As direct operators, we offer you 15% to 25% lower prices than our competitors, by avoiding middlemen, while guaranteeing the best services and your full satisfaction.
    3. Flexibility. We offer you the most flexibility, and the best policies regarding changes, refunds or cancellations.
    4. Your custom-designed trip. You can choose among various specially designed activities for every occasion and type of traveler. We design customized experiences according to your own preferences, interests, and needs.
    5. Highest quality standards. Our goal is excellence in every detail, which is why we promote and put into practice the highest-quality standards of service, social responsibility, and sustainable tourism.
    6. Social and environmental contributions. With every trip, we purchase carbon bonds, which contribute to the recovery of the Earth’s atmosphere, through reforestation and conservation of natural areas in the Peruvian Amazon. In addition, we work sustainably with First Peoples’ communities in our country by contributing to their economy, to the preservation of their cultures, and to the sharing of their knowledge, thereby promoting the preservation of Peru’s native cultural heritage.
    7. Save time and money. Forget about dealing with several service providers. As direct operators, we design and operate your entire trip from start to finish, saving you time and money.  

Archaeological Park of Pisac.

Traveling with Auqui, you’ll have a team of expert professionals at your service to take you to our destinations, and to design a custom-made trip just for you. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you have a special interest, get in touch with us to find out everything we can do to make sure you’ll enjoy a perfect trip.


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Address: Jose Gabriel Cosio 307 Street, Magisterio, Cusco. Cusco – Perú