TourCert Certification

With TourCert Certification, Auqui offers you a sustainable trip, with the best socially responsible practices, that makes efficient use of resources, thus assuring that your travel experience in our country will create a positive impact in our communities and the environment.


This certification seeks to raise awareness about the social and environmental impacts of tourism operations, by encouraging the establishment of processes, policies, guidelines, and regulations that promote positive impacts, both in society and in its ecosystems.


TourCert Certification is based on guidelines for ISO quality management, EMAS environmental management, and the Guide for Social Responsibility (ISO 2006).  In addition, it is accredited by the WORLD Council on Sustainable Tourism.

It is formed by four associations: Katte, Ecology and Development (Stuttgart), Friends of Nature (Vienna), the University for Sustainable Development (Eberswalde) and Pan for the World/ Tourism Watch (Berlin), and has as its goal to serve as a tool for promoting sustainable tourism at a global level.


Contact Info

US/CA 1-855-255-9055
CUS 51-84-261-517
LIM 51-1-641-9181
Email: [email protected]
Address: Jose Gabriel Cosio 307 Street, Magisterio, Cusco. Cusco – Perú